Having a college where doctors can train, clinics for the sick to find healing, and a pharmacy to provide the medicines is Chagpori’s basic requirement. These are the ‘three pillars’, and all need constant maintainance and development.

Chagpori provides Tibetan medical education and health care according to Tibetan medicine regardless of colour, creed, caste, sex or religion. The amount that we charge is the bare minimum, just enough to help us cover the costs. These services are offered on a sliding scale according to means, and is free of charge to the disadvantaged.

With the generous assistance of friends and supporters, Chagpori can continue to preserve and propagate the science of Tibetan medicine and increase the social services to benefit society at large.

The success of these vital projects depends on your contributions. In the past, Rinpoche used to go for world tours to raise funds by giving talks and seeing patients. After his passing away, several of the new amchis have gone to the West to see patients and care for some of the funding for the Institute, but this is not at all sufficient and so the Institute is inviting our supporters to sponsor the current projects so that we may continue.

By clicking through these different projects, large and small, you will find out more about the on-going plans and activities of the Institute, none of which are possible without the support of many people world-wide.

Our projects

Under Indian law, all college institutions are required to have a museum. Therefore, we are pleased to report that since 2006 we have had a small museum on our campus in Takdah. We are always looking for donations for the museum, such as old Tibetan medical instruments as well as funds to allow us improve […]

Herbs are the raw materials of Tibetan medicine and there is a very long-standing tradition in the use, the proper time of collection, the ways to prepare, and the assessment of the herbs in this ancient system of healing. Tibetan amchis and pharmacists evaluate each individual plant because not all specimens of a certain medicinal […]

At the moment the office is in Darjeeling, the college is in Takdah which is slightly less than two hours drive away, while the pharmacyat the new site is in Siliguri on the Indian plains is about 80 km away– a journey of three and a half hours – and doctors, personnel and medicines need […]

At the moment we have suitable accommodation for four clinics and the Institute’s office in the center of Darjeeling town. The clinic in Darjeeling starts to become more and more self supporting, which allows us to think of opening new clinics.All our four clinics are at the moment headed by nun amchis. We are very […]

As a part of their curriculum the students spend one day every week collecting herbs in the nearby hills or they help with the preparation of the medicines. Tibetan medical students also go every year for one month to distant mountain places to learn to identify medical plants, some of which are rare. At the […]

Over the years the families of some of the staff members have increased in size. The Chagpori Board would like to help with child care and on-going education for their staff’s children. Generally speaking, salaries in the Tibetan community are low and this kind of assistance is much appreciated

Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute has their roots in a variety of areas and while growing bigger, the need to centralize the different departments became very strong. That’s why Trogawa Rinpoche and the board decided to purchase a plot of land in Salugara, Siliguri where the whole institute can be together. It took quite some negotiations and time to […]

Although we ask them to fund their study themselves most of the students who come to Chagpori are from very poor families. Without sponsorship it would not be possible for them to fullfil their ambition to study Tibetan medicine. Each student will need 80 Euro per month which is payable for twelve months a year […]