Tradition in Transition

In November 1992 with the blessings of HH the Dalai Lama, the new Chagpori Medical College – now known as Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute (CTMI) – was inaugurated at Darjeeling, India, in commemoration of Chagpori, Lhasa, Tibet.

Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche had spent many years waiting for this day.
He had originally hoped to establish the new Chagpori in Nepal, but despite the expenditure of considerable time and money it was impossible to achieve. In 1989 his brother Tashi resigned from his job in order to help. Rinpoche took students into the family house in Darjeeling in 1990, and in 1992 the school came a step closer when it moved for three years into Hawk’s Nest, a property of one of the Board members, also in Darjeeling. Even after the CTMI was officially established and formally recognised, Rinpoche continued looking in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Sikkim and finally, after consultation with other high lamas, the present location at Takdah was chosen.

Today, CTMI has fully-functioning college facilities in Takdah, including a small area for plant growing, clinics in Darjeeling town, Takdah and in Kurseong. In the next phase of development, all the departments of the college will be united on one site at Salugara, in Siliguri, West Bengal.


Chagpori is described as having three pillars: the College, the Pharmacy and the Clinics.

The administration of Chagpori is done by the Governing Board. The day-to-day work is carried out by the director and the office. The Institute is registered as a non-profit charitable organization under the West Bengal government.

In Tibet, Chagpori came under the direct guidance of the Private Office of HH the Dalai Lama, so it was important for Dr Trogawa Rinpoche to offer Chagpori to the present Dalai Lama. After accepting, the Private Office decided that Chagpori should come under the control of the Health Department of the Central Tibetan Administration of the Tibetan Government in exile.

The Governing Board

Office bearers for the period 2013 to 2015

Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa – Director
Teinlay studied Tibetan medicine under Trogawa Rinpoche since 1993. Since 1996 he was Rinpoche’s translator and personal attendant.
In December 2005 he was elected as the President of Chagpori’s Governing Board and also appointed as the Director of Chagpori.

Mr. Tshering Norbu Dekeva – General Secretary
Having received primary education in Central School for Tibetans, Darjeeling. Mr. T.N.Dekeva received his further education in Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Dr. Gram’s Homes, Kalimpong and finally completed his studies from St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling in 1982. While studying at the St. Joseph’s College, Norbu also worked as the President and also General Secretary to the Region Tibetan Youth Congress, Darjeeling. He is one of the founder members of Manjushree Centre of Tibetan Culture and is working as the General Secretary to the Institute since its inception.(1988) He is one of the founder members of CTMI and first General Secretary to the Institute. T.N. Dekeva is also actively involved in other local social organizations in Darjeeling.
Norbu is a hotelier by profession, running Dekeling Resort and Hotel:

Tseyang Norbhu – Treasurer
Ms Norbhu is the Principal of the Himalayan Nursery School, one of the most renowned kinder-garden schools in Darjeeling. She is the current General Secretary of CTMI.

Mr. K.B. Yogi – Vice President
Retired Additional District Magistrate in State Civil Service.
Present member of Darjeeling Earth Group (NGO)

Mr. Jigme Ugyan – A teacher in the Central School for Tibetans, in Darjeeling. Graduated in 1974 from Delhi University and served in Kashag Secretariat, Dharamsala for one year before undergoing B. Ed. Course and joining Central Tibetan Schools Administration as teacher in 1976. Has served in Miao, Tezu, and Tenzingang. He is also an Executive Committee member of Manjushree Centre of Tibetan Culture and Tibetan Pens Club.

Dr. L. Wangdi (Mrs.) – Dr Wangdi is an allopathic doctor. She worked with the West Bengal Health Department until her retirement in 1993. She then worked in a Leprosy Eradication Project in the Siliguri area from 1995 until 1997. She also worked as Health Officer for the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council’s Health Department, and retired after serving as Chief Medical Officer of Health for DGHC for three years. From April 1999 to November 2002 served as the Community Development Specialist (CDS) for the World Bank Project of IPP VIII Extn for Darjeeling Municipality. This Project provides preventive and promotive Health care to the BPL (below poverty line) families of urban areas.
1964 – 1967 served as the first Medical Officer In-charge of the Hospital for Tibetan refugees at the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre, Darjeeling.

Mrs. T. Yangzom


Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa was born in Darjeeling in 1976. He completed his formal school education in 1993 at St. Joseph’s College.
Since then he studied Tibetan medicine under his uncle, Trogawa Rinpoche, in the traditional way, in which the essence of the teachings is passed on directly from master to student. He received teachings on the texts and practice of Tibetan medicine and completed his clinical training under the personal guidance of Rinpoche.

From 1996 he also served as Trogawa Rinpoche’s translator and travelled with him to Europe regularly. He was his close student and attendant until his passing in 2005. Since then he has dedicated himself to fulfilling Rinpoche’s vision. He is continuing the work at Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute for the preservation and propagation of Tibetan medicine.

Dr. Trogawa is married and has three young children of which the elder is the Yangsi (incarnation of Trogawa Rinpoche).

College Department

Principal: Dr. Jampa Khedup
Teachers: Dr. Tenzin Youtso and Ven Jigme Namgyal.

Chagpori Tibetan Medical College is at this moment located at Takdah Cantonment, about twenty-seven kilometres from Darjeeling. 
The College has been training students since 1992. The students have to complete five years of studies after which they have one year of internship. During the first five years they study the theory and basics of Tibetan medicine and also Tibetan grammar and English. 
During the internship period the students are given the opportunity to learn the different aspects of clinical practice and medicine-making. Throughout the entire period emphasis is also on the study and practice of Medicine Buddha rituals and dharma teachings related to healing. These are the important aspects which characterise the Chagpori system of medicine.

Qualifications were originally awarded by CTMI and the Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute (Men-Tsee-Khang) which administered the examinations, but now with the current students the final examinations are supervised by representatives of the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

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Pharmacy Department

Pharmacist: Dr. Tenzin Phelgye
Assistant Pharmacist: Dr. Karma Lobsang, Dr. Rabga Bhutia, Dr. Tsering Choephel and Dr. Tenzin Yinyi.

Pills Made by Hand
Chagpori’s pharmacy produces the different herbal medicines which are used in the clinics. Most of our medicines are produced manually
in small quantities and we give the highest priority to the quality of our medicine. Until today, all the herbs are powdered using a pestle and mortar.

New Pharmacy
Because we plan to open more clinics in the near future, we have to expand our pharmacy. We will be changing some of our ways of producing the herbal pills, for which we are installing new machinery.
On 29th November 2014 we had a ceremony to mark the completion of the ground floor of the pharmacy.

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Clinic doctors: 
Dr. Ngawang Rabdon, Dr. Pasang Choezom, Dr. Pema Kunsal,
Dr. Ngawang Pema and Dr. Tenzin Phelgye

Local Clinics
At the moment we have five clinics: one in Darjeeling, one in Kurseong, which is between Darjeeling and Siliguri, and one near the college site in Takdah. The fourth clinic is in Jorethang, south Sikkim. Recently we opened the fifth clinic in the old pharmacy in Salugara. Chagpori provides medical health care according to Tibetan medicine to all people, regardless of caste, creed or race. The amount we charge for our consultation and herbal pills is just sufficient to help us to cover the costs. The services we give are offered on a sliding scale to patients depending on their means.
We also provide regularly (free) medical camps in the region.

Future Plans

We plan to open more clinics in the near future and we would like to send doctors twice a year to the West for the continuous care and follow-up for the patients of Trogawa Rinpoche as well as for new patients.

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For more information about the clinics, please contact:
Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute
10 Burdwan Road
West View
Darjeeling, 734101 WB, India
[email protected]

Chagpori-trained Amchis

These doctors have graduated from CTMI since its inauguration in 1992

Sherab Tenzin
Lhakpa Ngodup
Phurbu Tsering
Sonam Dorjee
Tenzin Phelgye
Gedun Dhargye
Sangag Tenzin
Tsundue Sengye
Sonam Paljor
Dorjee Wangdue
Ngawang Dakpa
Phuntsok Wangdue
Tenzin Loden
Ngawang Teinlay
Jampa Yonten
Lekshed Namgyal
Jampa Gyaltsen

Karma Lobsang
Teinlay Palsang Trogawa
Nel de Jong 
Shakya Dorje

Rabga Bhutia

Konchok Karma
Yeshi Wangdue
Gonpo Phuntsok
Karma Tenzin
Jangchub Sopa
Ngawang Tharchin
Konchok Jigme
Losang Samten
Kalsang Gyatso
Konchog Bhuchung

Melong Yeshe
Sherab Dolma
Pema Yangzom
Ngawang Pema
Ngawang Rabdon
Jampal Saldon
Tsundue Sangmo
Pema Kunsal
Pasang Choezom

Kunga Tendol
Lobsang Chophel
Ngawang Choezom
Sangay Wangmo
Tenzin Yinyi
Tenzin Youtso
Tsering Choephel
Karma Rapchoe
Ngawang Tenzin
Sherab Woebar
Tenzin Soepa
Tsewang Gyurme Gurung