Pharmacy Department

Pharmacist: Dr. Tenzin Phelgye
Assistant Pharmacist: Dr. Karma Lobsang, Dr. Rabga Bhutia, Dr. Tsering Choephel and Dr. Tenzin Yinyi.

Pills Made by Hand
Chagpori’s pharmacy produces the different herbal medicines which are used in the clinics. Most of our medicines are produced manually
in small quantities and we give the highest priority to the quality of our medicine. Until today, all the herbs are powdered using a pestle and mortar.

New Pharmacy
Because we plan to open more clinics in the near future, we have to expand our pharmacy. We will be changing some of our ways of producing the herbal pills, for which we are installing new machinery.
On 29th November 2014 we had a ceremony to mark the completion of the ground floor of the pharmacy.

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