Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa was born in Darjeeling in 1976. He completed his formal school education in 1993 at St. Joseph’s College.
Since then he studied Tibetan medicine under his uncle, Trogawa Rinpoche, in the traditional way, in which the essence of the teachings is passed on directly from master to student. He received teachings on the texts and practice of Tibetan medicine and completed his clinical training under the personal guidance of Rinpoche.

From 1996 he also served as Trogawa Rinpoche’s translator and travelled with him to Europe regularly. He was his close student and attendant until his passing in 2005. Since then he has dedicated himself to fulfilling Rinpoche’s vision. He is continuing the work at Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute for the preservation and propagation of Tibetan medicine.

Dr. Trogawa is married and has three young children of which the elder is the Yangsi (incarnation of Trogawa Rinpoche).