15 March 2020
Tibetan Medicine recognized by Indian Government

Tibetan Medicine is recognized by the Indian Government as a new member of the AYUSH system. At the moment the most important thing for Chagpori is to accomplish the permanent recognition of Chagpori as Sowa Rigpa Medical College by the Ministry of AYUSH, gov. of India. The requirements are to get an affiliation of an Indian University, for which NOC is needed from the Health Department. The NOC from the local government is already processed. With the NOC of the State Government Health Department Chagpori can work on the affiliation with the West Bengal University of Health in Kolkata.

Other requirements are a 10-bedded teaching hospital, a library and museum. These can be fulfilled gradually.

13 March 2020
Chagpori needs to upgrade

Chagpori needs to upgrade its facilities at the College at the earliest to fullfil the requirements, as per the above guidelines of the Central Council of Indian Medicine. We will be shifting the College to Salugara, as soon as the hostel is build. Than it is possible to have all the requirements as laid down by the CCIM.

27 January 2020
Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche blessed the pharmacy in Salugara

Januari 27th Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche and Changling Rinpoche visited the pharmacy in Salugara.
Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche kindly blessed the pharmacy and gave the transmission of the Yuthog Yonten prayer.

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1 September 2019
Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa visits Europe

Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa started his Europe visit from 25th September. He will be visiting Holland, Germany, Austria and France till the beginning of November.

Talk of amchi’s Teinley Trogawa and Nel de Jong after the film “Living Compassion” about Ven dr. Trogawa Rinpoche in the Eye theater in Amsterdam.

1 August 2019
8th batch students went to north Sikkim

In August the 8th batch students went for their annual herbal identification tour to north Sikkim, under the guidance of Dr. Tenzin Phelgye (head of the pharmacy department).

15 July 2019
Inspection of the facilities at Chagpori

On 29th and 30th July 2019 an inspection team of the Central Council of Indian Medicine visited Chagpori. They visited the College at Takdah, the pharmacy at Salugara and the office-cum-clinic at Darjeeling. The main purpose of their visit was the inspection of the facilities at Chagpori, for the recognition of Chagpori as a Sowa Rigpa College.

20 December 2018
Chagpori celebrated its Silver Jubilee

Our clinic at Takdah shifted at a new location since May. It is a bigger place than the previous one. The clinic at Salugara also shifted to the new pharmacy premise since December 2018.
Chagpori celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 20th Dec 2018. We would like to gratefully acknowledge our benefactors who have supported Chagpori through the years.