10 July 2024
The Registration for NCISM -NEET Sowa-Rigpa UG is extended from 8th July to 21st July 2024.

28 June 2024
NCISM – NEET admission portal
11 June 2024
Admission for the session 2024-25
31 December 2023
Activities at Chagpori during 2023


Chagpori College resumed classes in March after the winter holidays. In August all our students and some of our doctors went to Sikkim at Rumtek monastery to receive the Yuthog Nyingthig initiation from His Eminence Sangay Nyenpa Rinpoche, who also bestowed the complete cycle of Rinchen Terzod.

Under the guidance of Dr. Tenzin Phelgye la and other doctors our students went to north Sikkim for herbal educational excursion from 26th August to 4th September 2023. It was a good time because there was a glacial lake outburst flood in October due to which all the roads to north Sikkim was cut off for several days.

The students also go to the pharmacy department at Salugara to have firsthand practical classes in medicine making.

The students appeared for their oral exams from 4th December 2023, after which the written examination was held from 20th to 27th December.

Medical camp & other news:

We conducted a medical camp at Rumtek monastery from mid-July. The medical camp was sponsored for the first month by some friends and from mid-August Rumtek monastery covered the full cost of the medical camp. It was helpful to the participants of the Rinchen Terzod teachings and also to the public from the adjoining region. The medical camp came into fruition with the initiative of Dr. Karma Lobsang la and Dr. Kalsang Tsering. With the initiative of our students a free medical camp was conducted at Takdah in June 2023.

As you all know that Chagpori support group in north America has been quite dormant since a long time. Last year when Dr. Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda came to Darjeeling, she said that Dr. Philip Weber handed over the documents of the Support Group to her. She launched a new website for the Chagpori SG (www.chagpori.us) and is also finding ways to generate funds for Chagpori. We greatly appreciate her effort and initiative in reviving the Chagpori SG.

It was a great blessing that His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Salugara on 14th December 2023 and graciously bestowed some teachings to the public. With great joy all our staff and students attended the teachings. 

We would like to sincerely thank all our Support Group members, alumni and well-wishers for your generous and enduring support. 

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year 2024!

Thanking you,

With best wishes,

Board members, staff and students of Chagpori.

16 September 2023
Herbal identification excursion 2023

Under the guidance of Dr. Tenzin Phelgye (Head of Pharmacy Dept.) assisted by Dr. Tamdin Wangchuk and Pema Chodon, the 9th batch of students went to North Sikkim for herbal educational excursion from 26th August to 4th September 2023. The identification of medicinal plants is an important aspect of medical training.

18 August 2023
31 July 2023
Registration date of NCISM NEET SR-UG 2023 is extended till 5th August 2023, 6 p.m. with the approval of competent authority.
Date of exam: 13th August 2023
10 July 2023
Admission notice for the session 2023-24
24 November 2022
National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (Minimum Standard of Undergraduate Sowa-Rigpa Education) Regulations, 2022.
24 November 2022
Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute’s Sowa Rigpa stall in the AYUSH Fair held at Bagdogra, District Darjeeling from 13th to 15th November 2022.